Welcome to Our College


......... for the new age. Nandini Nagar Vidhi mahavidyalaya is not an ‘Isolated World’ and so it wants to keep it’s tune with the ‘Changing world of Law’. Thus, this School has adopted different distinctive dynamic studies of law for the law students who are the social engineers of future, for example, Cyber Space Laws, Insurance Laws Air & Space Laws, Law & Biotechnology, Computer Laws, Information Technology Laws, Law relating to Human Rights, International Economic Laws etc.

The Objectives of the College

• The mission and primary objective of this institute is to arm young brains with competitive skill and technology and nurtured holistic development of the individuals for better tomorrow.

• To evolve and impart comprehensive legal education, to achieve excellence, to introduce most modern branches of law as a subject of study and to innovate research oriented minds.

• To promote cultural, legal and ethical values with a view to uphold the rule of law.

• To make the young generation as a most law abiding citizens, to promote legal awareness in the society which will help to achieve a truely egalitarian society. To help the programme of ‘Self-employment’ of the unemployed graduates having excellent motivation towards life.